Basic Ingredients

The basic ingredients of making beer are three. The water, the hops and of course the malted barley. This doesn´t mean that these are the only ingredients of beer. Lets learn more things about each one of these

  1. The Malted Barley, comes from the barley, it is necessary for the fermentation of the beer. During it´s growth the mechanisms that turns starch into saccharin are created. After seven to ten days the barley is collected and heated. Later, it is boiled at 80 degrees of Celsius, for making light color beer, or it is boiled around 100 degrees of Celsius, for creating a darker beer. Also, the boiling procedure amplifies the nutrition values of beer.
  2. The hops, is a climbing plant whose the leaves and the blossoms are used during the beer production. This is the ingredient that gives the characteristic tart taste and the aroma. It contains around 8% essential oils and about 2-5% bitter matters.
  3. The water, the most necessary ingredient of all, as the 95% of beer is water. The excellent quality of water and the no containment of salt, gives a fine beer as a result. That´s why the older breweries used to use the river water.


Did you know...

The first beer can was introduced in 1935, right after the drinking prohibition.