Produced in Ireland in 1759, Guinness is the largest selling stout beer in the world. Today, Guinness is brewed in 50 countries worldwide and sold in over 150 countries.

Guinness is known around the world for its authentic dark colour which is due to the roasted malted barley. It is also famous for its creamy head and unique surge and settle characterised by a smooth taste and burnt caramel aroma.

ColourDark black
IngredientsRoasted Malt Barley, Hops, Yeast, Water
Country of productionIreland
TasteDistinguished by its smooth velvet taste, burnt caramel aroma and its characteristic creamy head
PackagingBottle 330 ml o/w
Can 440 ml draught
Barrel 30 lt

Guinness new pint
Guinness tap

Did you know...

Someone who drinks a lot of beer is called "Boozer". This word comes from the ancient beer name "Boozah".