Kilkenny is a premium red ale brewed by Guinness Breweries where it is produced under the most stringent quality control standards of GUINNESS.

Its production began in 1710 at the brewery of St Francis monastery, in Kilkenny, which is located in the heart of Ireland, and continues to this day adhering to the same philosophy and tradition.  It was launched in the Greek market in December 1999. 

Kilkenny is distinguished by its rich, creamy white head, which creates a sharp contrast to its vibrant red colour. Rich in aromas, its full bodied flavour and clean refreshing taste grants the drinker an indulgent experience.

TypeRed Ale
IngredientsRoasted Malt Barley, Hops, Yeast, Water
Country of productionIreland
TasteRed in colour with an aroma of roasted malt and a log-lasting, creamy head. Its taste is particularly rich in aromas
PackagingBarrel 30 lt

Kilkenny pint

Did you know...

Around the 1st century there were 400 to 500 monastery breweries, who monopolised the Ale beers with their exceptional quality products.