If you take a closer look to our site, you will see the specific places for advertisements with banners. We offer you the opportunity to use this feature, at low prices. Follows a more detailed description of our ways of advertising.

1. Cost by time of usage: By showing your banner in our site, at the place you choose, for a specific time period. By this way, our visitors will see your banner, which won't switch with other banners.
2. Cost by number of impressions: By this way of advertisement, your banner will be showed among others for a specific count of impressions we will agree.
3. Banner in our mailing lists: By including your banner in our newsletters, which we send monthly to our visitors email boxes. The cost for this is by number of newsletters.
4. At the search result: By showing a text advertisement at the pages with the search results. The cost of this advertisement way is by impressions or by time of usage.
5. By appearing in the first page: By this way you could have a place in the first page of our site, and for the language you want, to present your products or your company. A intro text will be shown and a small picture. It will also have a link for the extended presentation. The cost is counted by time of usage and by the number of the words of the intro text.
6. By sponsorship: You could be our sponsor, so your logo will be shown in every page of our website, in our monthly newsletters and in all our advertisements we intend to make for our website.
7. By better appearance in our web site lists of beers and breweries, with photo and intro text, and also a link for extended presentation in inner pages. The cost for this way is by time of usage.

In case you are interested in advertisement in our web site, please contact us by the contact form, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

We will provide you with a place to check the statistics about your banner advertisements, with a username and password.

Did you know...

Around the 1st century there were 400 to 500 monastery breweries, who monopolised the Ale beers with their exceptional quality products.